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Rain Water Systems for the Southern Gulf Islands

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Rainwater Systems Feasability Study

It all begins with an idea, a need, a spark! You’re excited! Except you don’t know where to start, the overwhelm of managing permits, engineers, contractors—excavator, roofers, electrician, plumbers .etc, NSF61 certified products, water flow formulas, testing and maintenance requirements and so much more, quickly floods in. The list of what you don’t know to get started has become larger than the list of things you do.


It sounds complicated, because it can be, but once we’ve got you humming along you’ll feel empowered and in control of your resources. And if not, we’ve got you.

Custom Design and Install

Do you just want a solution and would rather it just be there, working when you want it? We can perform all steps from sizing and design to permitting, construction, and certification.

We’ve been installing water systems- potable and non potable across the Southern Gulf Islands and Vancouver Island for close to a decade. We can’t wait to show you what your water can do for you.

We work with legacy systems and homes, new site developments, and remodels. You want to add a wi-fi level alarm? Done. You want extra capacity for fire suppression? Done. You want to supplement from the community water system or well? Hot tub or swimming pool? That too. Whatever your water system dreams are, we are here to make them happen.

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DIY Kits and Designs

Wanting to start small? Maybe you only need a system for your summer cabin to make sure your tomatoes don’t die between weekend visits?

Maybe your are one of those super handy people who is looking for a plan to follow and someone to mayday for help if you get stuck?

Or maybe you’re just excited to do your part in whatever small way you can to help the earth, even if that’s just watering your garden beds, or your poultry.

Every bit counts.

Check back regularly for new DIY kits and Plans.

Want us to worry about your system maintenance so you don’t have to?

Rain water systems across Canada

Remote Design

Whether it's a challenging site or a showcase system, we have seen it all. Let us devise a custom solution that meets your needs (and looks great). We can work with legacy systems (aka the system you inherited when you purchased your home), to new site developments.

You want to add a wifi level alarm? Done.

You want extra capacity for fire suppression? Done.

You want to supplement from the community water system or well? That too.

Remote Audits and Feasibiltiy

Don’t know what you have? Unsure if it’s safe? Efficient? Sufficient capacity?

You’re not supposed to know what you don’t know. That’s what you’ve got experts like us for.

We can now consult Canada wide using video calls, google earth and gps location.

Do you have a legacy system and are worried about its performance? Or maybe you are purchasing a home and are unsure if your system is up to current standards?

We are certified installers and engineers who will give you an assessment of each element of your system, in terms of safety/criticality.

DIY Kits

Simple Garden Irrigation, Poultry Watering Systems and Fire Suppression are more attainable than you think.

If you have some basic skills, or are interested in learning them, we’ve got a kit for you.

Take control of your water.

Sign up for our list to be the first to know when our DIY kits are available!

Maintenance schedules and auto-prompts

We get it, your rain water schedule isn’t burnt into your memory like it is ours. Not everyone runs their life with the seasons of rain like Matt does.

You can’t be expected to remember everything.

Relax, we’ll cover this rain maintenance thing with simple emails in your inbox, or hardcore step by step guides, making your rain system easy as 1, 2, 3.

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